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Admiralty EasyTide 

A tidal prediction service on the Web.   The service provides tidal data for over6,000 ports worldwide together with a host of other useful information.


“The AIRway (Access path to Institutional Resources via link resolvers) is aresearch and development project, which is aimed to achieve the navigation to openaccess documents collected in institutional repositories etc. by link resolvers.As its character, the AIRway is also possible to be widely applied to resolve thelocation of a open access document through OpenURL request.”

Avian Literature Database

The Avian Literature Database is a bibliographic database of documents of effectsof wind energy development


A new website for parents and carers of 5-14 year olds.uding towers, power lines, and other wires) onbirds.

Activity based lesson plans, with clear curriculum links, enable teachers to use

DirectgovKids in the classroom in a cross-curricular way.


A website for engineering and product design professionals


Wikipedia-The Free Encyclopedia


Guinness Book of World Records


World Atlas


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