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Students are expected to buy personal copies of all the prescribed textbooks for their studies. In case of difficulty in availability of textbooks please get in touch with the Acquisition Section staff in the library, who may be able to help you. We are in the process of negotiating direct sale of books at substantial discount by selected vendors at TIET in the beginning of each Semester.

A limited number of copies of textbooks (about 1 copy for 4 students each) are available for loan from the library.  However, in case of text books costing Rs. 200 or less, only 1 copy for each 10 students is held in the library. Textbooks are arranged in a separate section, which is on the right hand side of the main lending hall in the library. A few copies of textbooks may also be found in Short Loan Section and Reference Section.

For list of recommended books for PG programmes, please check out the respective syllabi.

List of Prescribe Textbooks for UG Students

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Book Bank

Students of SC and ST categories are entitled to borrow up to 6 six text books for the whole semester. The book bank collection is maintained with the grant from welfare departments of central and state governments. A schedule for issuing book bank books is displayed on the notice boards in the beginning of the semester. Students must present themselves as per the schedule for borrowing book bank books. Since all the books that is required by a student may not be available in Book bank, students should request for alternative titles and check the catalogue for before putting up the request for book bank.

Students of general category are also allowed to borrow up to 2 books from book bank for the semester, subject to availability after the requirement of interested SC/ST students has been fulfilled.  Those who want to exchange their book bank books in the middle of the semester can do so during normal library hours.

List of Prescribe Textbooks for UG Students.

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Start semester schedule for Book Bank

 General Books

The institute encourages students to read supplementary books and reference books over and above textbooks, to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the subject beyond what is included in the curriculum. All books in general section are available for loan to students. This section also include book of general interest and light reading like novels, poetry, arts, biography etc. A significant collection of encyclopedia, handbooks and other reference material can be consulted in the library. 

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Career Planning and Further Education Material

We have a small collection of books to help and guide selection of your career, prepare for competitive examinations is kept in Short-Loan section and can be borrowed for two days. Please do not mark on the practice exercises and use the CDs accompanying such books carefully.

Library also maintains prospectuses of a number of foreign universities. A collection of useful articles from newspapers on career related matters may be found in our press clippings collection. A searchable database of press clippings in the library is online from our intranet page. Employment News, the weekly bulletin listing employment opportunities is subscribed by the library and can be had from the Help Desk.

List of Career Planning Books

Question Papers

Question papers of past years are available in electronic form.

Past Question Papers Electronic Files

Course Material

Course material in a large number of subjects, prepared by experts under the sponsorships of agencies such as All India Technical Education are very good help for studies. You may find these course materials in the General Books section. In due course, web based course ware will be made available online.

Journals and magazines

Only journals with professional and research orientation are subscribed by the Central library. General magazines etc are mostly subscribed by hostel libraries. Library subscribes to several daily newspapers including on each in Hindi and Punjabi are subscribed by the regularly.

List of Current Print Journal Subscription

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Loan Privileges

Books from General Section and Textbooks sections are loaned out for 30 days and those from Short Loan books for two days Books in reference section can be consulted only in the Library.

Delay in return of books

Books borrowed from the Library must be returned by the due date, failing which a fine as per the rules will be levied. Although the Library sends/displays reminders for overdue books, members themselves are responsible for returning books in time. Membership of the borrower having books overdue for 3 months and above is suspended, and those with 6 months or more may invite disciplinary action which may include suspension from the Institute.

Reservation of books on loan

If you find any books that you would want to borrow, already on loan to some other member, you have option to get it reserved for you as soon as it is returned or a new copy is added in the Library. There is a nominal fee for the service.

Suggesting new books

Students are encouraged to suggest new addition to the library. Suggestions should be recommended by their Head of the Department.  

Complete Library Rules


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