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List of E-Books Available for Download for Current Semester
S. No.
Authors Editon Publisher Download
1 Algebra I: A Basic Course in Abstract Algebra Sharma; Shah; Shankar 1 Pearson Education India Download
2 Applied Mathematical Methods Dasgupta 1 Pearson Education India Download
3 Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Russell and Norvig 3 Prentice Hall Download
4 Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving Luger 6 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
5 C++ How to Program Deitel 7 Prentice Hall Download
6 C++ Programming Language, The Stroustrup 3 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
7 CAD/CAM: Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Groover and Zimmers 1 Prentice Hall Download
8 Chemical Process Safety: Fundamentals with Applications Crowl and Louvar 2 Prentice Hall Download
9 Cloud Computing: Web-Based Applications That Change the Way You Work and Collaborate Online Miller 1 Que Publishing Download
10 CMOS VLSI Design: A Circuits and Systems Perspective Weste and Harris 4 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
11 Communication Skills for Engineers Muralikrishna; Mishra 2 Pearson Education India Download
12 Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools Aho et al. 2 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
13 Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach Kurose and Ross 5 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
14 Computer Networks and Internets Comer 5 Prentice Hall Download
15 Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing for Performance Stallings 8 Prentice Hall Download
16 Computer Systems: A Programmer's Perspective Bryant and O’Hallaron 2 Prentice Hall Download
17 Concepts of Programming Languages Sebesta 9 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
18 Construction Methods and Management Nunnally 8 Prentice Hall Download
19 Control Systems : Theory and Applications Ghosh 1 Pearson Education India Download
20 Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice Stallings 5 Prentice Hall Download
21 Data and Computer Communications Stallings 8 Prentice Hall Download
22 Data Structures Using C Bandyopadhyay; De 1 Pearson Education India Download
23 Database Systems Using Oracle: A Simplified Guide to SQL and PL/SQL Shah 2 Prentice Hall Download
24 Database Systems: The Complete Book Ullman, Widom and Garcia-Molina 2 Prentice Hall Download
25 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Dave and Dave 1 Pearson India Download
26 Design of Steel Structures Ram 1 Pearson India Download
27 Discrete-Time Signal Processing Oppenheim and Schafer 3 Prentice Hall Download
28 Electrical and Electronic Technology Hughes; Hiley; Brown; McKenzie-Smith 11 Pearson Education UK Download
29 Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory Boylestad and Nashelsky 10 Prentice Hall Download
30 Electronics Storey 4 Pearson Education UK Download
31 Electronics Fundamentals: Circuits, Devices & Applications Floyd and Buchla 8 Prentice Hall Download
32 Elements of Immunology, The Khan 1 Pearson India Download
33 Embedded Systems : An Integrated Approach Das 1 Pearson Download
34 Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD® 2009 Bethune 1 Prentice Hall Download
35 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics Hibbeler 12 Prentice Hall Download
36 Engineering Mechanics: Statics Hibbeler 1 Prentice Hall Download
37 Evaluating Software Architectures: Methods and Case Studies Clements 1 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
38 FPGA-Based System Design Wolf 1 Prentice Hall Download
39 Fundamentals of Database Systems Navathe and Elmasri 6 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
40 Gas Turbine Theory Saravanamuttoo 6 Pearson Education UK Download
41 Grid Computing Joseph 1 Prentice Hall PTR Download
42 Hands-on Networking with Internet Technologies Comer 2 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
43 Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering Graedel and Allenby 1 Prentice Hall Download
44 Intel Microprocessors, The Brey 8 Prentice Hall Download
45 Internet & World Wide Web: How to Program Deitel 4 Prentice Hall Download
46 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics Niyogi; Chakrabartty; Laha 1 Pearson Education India Download
47 Introduction to Computing and Programming in Python: A Multimedia Approach Guzdial and Ericson 2 Prentice Hall Download
48 Introduction to the Personal Software Process(sm) Humphrey 1 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
49 Java How to Program: Late Objects Version Deitel 8 Prentice Hall Download
50 Machine Tool Practices Kibbe et al. 9 Prentice Hall Download
51 Mechanics of Materials Hibbeler 8 Prentice Hall Download
52 Modern Control Engineering Ogata 5 Prentice Hall Download
53 Modern Engineering Mathematics James; Burley; Clements;  Dyke; Searl; Wright 4 Prentice Hall Download
54 Modern Operating Systems Tanenbaum 3 Prentice Hall Download
55 Modern Systems Analysis and Design Valacich, Hoffer and George 6 Prentice Hall Download
56 Modern VLSI Design: IP-Based Design Wolf 4 Prentice Hall Download
57 Modern VLSI Design: System-on-Chip Design Wolf 3 Prentice Hall Download
58 Network Management : Principles and Practice Subramanian 2 Pearson Education India Download
59 Network Security Essentials: Applications and Standards Stallings 4 Prentice Hall Download
60 Neural Networks and Learning Machines Haykin 3 Prentice Hall Download
61 Numerical Methods Ram 1 Pearson India Download
62 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications Booch 3 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
63 Object-Oriented Programming with ANSI and Turbo C++ Kamthane 1 Pearson Education India Download
64 Object-Oriented Software Engineering Using UML, Patterns, and Java Dutoit and Bruegge 3 Prentice Hall Download
65 Operating Systems: Design and Implementation Tanenbaum and Woodhull 3 Prentice Hall Download
66 Operating Systems: Internals and Design Principles Stallings 6 Prentice Hall Download
67 Problem Solving and Program Design in C Hanly and Koffman 6 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
68 Problem Solving in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering with POLYMATH™, Excel, and MATLAB® Cutlip  2 Prentice Hall Download
69 Programming in C: A Practical Approach Mittal 1 Pearson India Download
70 Quality Software Project Management Futrell 1 Prentice Hall PTR Download
71 Software Project Management in Practice Jalote 1 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
72 Software Project Management: A Unified Framework Royce 1 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
73 Strength of Materials Jindal  1 Pearson Education India Download
74 Telecommunications Essentials: The Complete Global Source Goleniewski 2 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
75 Understanding SOA with Web Services Newcomer 1 Addison-Wesley Professional Download
76 Wireless Communications and Networks Stallings 2 Prentice Hall Download


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